Not knowing what to do, whether a proposed property settlement is fair or what care arrangements are best for children can contribute to stress.

The unfamiliarity of the legal system and court process are also relevant factors.

For those who can afford private legal representation, stress can arise from concerns about how to finance ongoing and often significant legal fees.

For those who are self-represented, the uncertainty of the family law system can be overwhelming.

We can help.

We provide legal advice and assistance to people who want to represent themselves in their family law matter.

Unlike traditional law firms, we offer fixed fee packages so clients know the final cost and can budget accordingly. Each package is tailor made to meet the  specific needs of individual clients.

Divorce can be stressful.

For some, it will be the most stressful event they ever experience.

For many, the breakdown of a relationship marks the start of a different and uncertain future for themselves and their family.


Free Initial Consultation

Not sure we can help?

Contact us for a  free 15 minute consultation. 

We can discuss your individual needs and provide you with a range of options and cost estimates for your own tailor made fixed fee package. 

What we do

There are many aspects of family law matters that parties can do themselves to minimise cost if they are properly armed with the right information and tools. There are particular "make or break" stages during a matter at which self-represented parties benefit from obtaining legal advice.

Flexible Options

We design our fixed fee packages in consultation with each client to ensure the package meets the specific needs of individual clients.

You decide what advice and assistance you require at that time

Pay as you go

We also offer a pay as you go (PAYG) option for clients who don't want a fixed fee package or want advice on an "as needed" basis.

PAYG clients provide an initial prepayment and legal advice is provided as and when the client requires (charged at an hourly rate in units of 6 minutes).